Jamie Cullum, The Jazz Show, BBC Radio 2

(Full radio transcript:) 

On to some new music now... We're going to play some music from a band called the Peter James Trio. This is a trio that is certainly new to me...really, very fascinated by this group because I really enjoyed their new album. It's called Soul Story. Peter James is the piano player and composer, Tom Hooper is on the drums and Jeremy Brown on the double-bass. And there are a series of these new piano trios that really have developed a great band sound. It's not just about the lead instrument, they really sound like a band that have been playing together for a long time. They met at the Royal Academy of Music and they've been playing together ever since and you can really hear that on the album which is one of the great things about it. Another thing that is great about it is the strength of the compositions. They are very, very listenable and immediately appealing but no less complex and exciting for that so I think you'll really, really like this. Soul Story is the name of the album, the band's called the Peter James Trio and this is one of my favourite tracks from it - it's called ‘Headlong'... 

Isn't that great, that's ‘Headlong' from the Peter James Trio. Peter James the piano player and composer, Tom Hooper on the drums and that beautiful big, round double-bass sound from Jeremy Brown. The album is called Soul Story and it's out now and it certainly comes highly, highly recommended from me. 

Jamie Cullum Show, BBC Radio 2, 7th June 2011

Peter James