Peter James Trio


Peter met his fellow trio members, drummer Thomas Hooper and double-bassist Jeremy Brown, when he moved from North Yorkshire to London in the early 90's to study jazz at the Royal Academy of Music. The trio was formed in 2008 with the release, to critical acclaim, of their debut album Visions and Vistas. Their second album, Soul Story (2011) was listed among the best releases of the year by Jamie Cullum on Radio 2 and Jazzwise Magazine. For more reviews visit the Press page.

“I've known Tom and Jez for a long time which helps to contribute to a kind of musical empathy and trust. It's very much a three-way conversation. The music draws on diverse influences - from classical and Latin inflections to freer and more groove-based genres. What’s great is that I know whatever I throw at the guys musically, they’re totally unfazed.” The new trio album, which is near completion (release date tbc), is more experimental in production techniques than its predecessors and also features a few guest musicians. “It’s important that we’re not static, creatively, because life moves forward and with every new experience come new things to say. This album has been a while coming but I’m really excited about it and I think it will be worth the wait.”

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