Duncan Heining, Jazzwise magazine

Peter James has learned an important lesson from listening to Keith Jarrett - the building of a strong melodic line upon a firm rhythmic foundation allows the musician to tell stories.  It's the musical equivalent of the writer's narrative structure.  Two things immediately impress about James - firstly, his beautiful pianistic touch and, secondly, the quality of his writing.  In fact, Soul Story is a real advance on the pianist's debut, Visions and Vistas.  The sheer confidence of the trio now allows greater ambition perhaps, as on the four part title track.  There is a willingness as well to explore a more ambiguous approach to form.  Listen, for example, to the opening Ocean's Lament and its heartfelt plea on behalf of these last wildernesses or the lovely Everyday Mountains.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm too concerned by things like content, form and vision, forgetting there should be reference to pleasure as well.  I enjoyed Soul Story on so many levels, unexpectedly so.  Thinking person's jazz with real soul.  Tell me more, Mr. James. **** 

Duncan Heining, Jazzwise, Dec 2011 

Duncan Heining gives Soul Story a four star review in Jazzwise magazine and lists it among his top 10 releases of the year. 

Peter James